h3 in-life retreat

This 9 week program offers the benefit of going on "retreat" without leaving your life

3 x 3 week mini intensive program

  • Reach your optimal body weight, size and health
  • Develop the balance between work, social, family and restoration
  • Health in your BODY, Happiness in yourSELF, Harmony in your LIFE
  • Create a life you don’t need a vacation from
  • This program is the RETREAT you need to go on without needing to put your life on hold

This is NOT a short lived getaway, but  a program  you integrate into your daily life (without going anywhere) which will create Optimal health, Genuine Happiness, Inner Harmony

START DATE June 26th

But we are getting earlybirds starting NOW | Payment plans starting at $49/wk

World wide Online and in-person programs available | Spaces are limited! 


  • Learn exactly how much, when and what to eat for YOUR body and YOUR goals
  • Find balance and happiness within yourself...even with a hectic lifestyle
  • Create your very own "zen practices" and make this a regular ritual
  • Explore concepts like meditation, yin yoga, affirmations, Self parenting and modern mindfulness
  • Abolish whats holding you back from being your best in any area of your life
  • Be confident in your body, abilities and the future direction of your life
  • Gain Clarity around the small things that impact your health and happiness the most

Are you sick of constantly “wanting” to be healthier, happier and more successful but not actually getting there?

Or making progress and then constantly moving the goal posts on yourself?

“Your diet and mindset lay the foundation for how you feel.. if you fuel your body with correct nutrition, and feed your mind good thoughts, the only possible outcome is to live a great life!"

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Have you...

  • Ever wanted to feel in control of your body, health and fitness?
  • Ever had a sickening feeling that you didn’t want to eat, drink or do something yet went ahead and did it anyway? 
  • Are you still wondering why some people seem to have endless discipline yet you are stuck being all-or-nothing ?
  • Can you remember a time when you abandoned yourself by not saying what you needed to,  wore what you wanted to or doing what you truly felt like for fear of what others might think? 
  • Have you ever thought that, I could be living a more fulfilling life if I only had the right strategy?
  • Do you secretly feel that when you look a certain way or reach a certain level of success that  then you will feel “good enough” and like you’ve made it?  postponing your happiness to a future date? 

If you answered Yes to the above you fit the criteria to enrol in this program.



So, how Will this achieve me such great results? 

3 x 3 week mini-Intensives...


  • Nutritional cleanse
  • Mind and belief detox
  • Optimise your body for increased energy
  • Lose unwanted body fat
  • Improve sleep and mental alertness
  • Unload old baggage, beliefs, sickness or “dis-ease”
  • Clean up your act/life
  • Make enjoyable exercise a constant in your life
  • BONUS Learn how to create delicious and nutritious meals with Amanda's Wholesome Kitchen

✓ Week 4-6 - IN WITH THE NEW

  • Get on track for once and for all...
  • Custom made nutrition planning for your body type
  • Find a meditation style practice that works for you  PLUS *Special intro to Yin Yoga with Tanya Madden
  • Create a healthy relationship with food
  • Build social and life confidence
  • Increase muscle tone and definition
  • Rewiring your brain for meaningful change  with UBalancer International


  • Build a life your don’t need a vacation from
  • Define your life purpose
  • Develop a spirit of "modern mindfulness"
  • Build meaningful, deep relationships, Move away from “dieting” and into a lifestyle,
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • Build a life you don’t need a vacation from BONUS *How to create a living space that inspires you with Vera Coleman 
  • Understand what “being true to yourself” actually is and how to live it


This is a RETREAT you don't have to leave your life for!

Payment plans available

(As little as $50 a week)

  • Director of Pure and Lean Nutrition and Mindset Coaching
  • Sports Nutrition qualified with National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Walks his talk- lost weight, been there, done that, worked for his success and nows lives to awaken others

  •  Personally worked with 2500+ clients

  • Leads the Pure and Lean team in nutrition wellness coaching

  •  Proficient meditation practitioner / instructor (over 1300 hours logged)

  •  2015 ANB Heavyweight Mr QLD

  •  Qualified Personal Trainer Cert III & Cert IV

  •  Qualified Pilates matwork and reformer instructor

  • Goodlife Ambassodor 


SO, who needs to join us on the Program?


The person who wants to reach their ideal body and begin feeling confident in that body

The person who needs to take some “me time” to set up their best life and health strategy

The person who wants to effortlessly know how to eat and exercise for their ideal body

The person who wants to change really badly but can’t seem to get it right

The person who knows they could be getting more out of their life if only they could keep up momentum

The person who’s tried all the fads with only short term success

And wants an easy to maintain blueprint to not only reaching their goals, but effortlessly eating, moving and living in line with the BEST version of themselves...

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I want to start living my ideal life Now!

I prefer the details via


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Meet tanya madden - Your Yoga Guru